Gov. Sarah Palin Delivers Crowdpleasing Keynote at NAPE Summit

February 12th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

By all accounts, Governor Sarah Palin wowed the large crowd at the 2015 North American Prospect Expo (NAPE) in Houston, Texas this morning.  Over the past 22 years, NAPE has offered “venues for oil and gas professionals to meet, network, connect and do business.”   Her extensive background in energy policy and issues made her a natural selection to be the keynote speaker for this year’s summit.  Along with being the former Governor of one of America’s largest oil producing states, Palin is also the former Chairman of Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

She was greeted with a standing ovation by a crowd of hundreds of oil and gas industry types (Forbes)

Palin’s address immediately delved into energy issues:

“Energy is my baby. I absolutely love it. It’s the theme that I miss most about my governing responsibilities. Being able to help spur investment and exploration and development and, you know, responsibly extracting that most valuable resource we have in Alaska and so many other places. And being able to feed and fuel our great nation with what God has created for man’s responsible use.” (Houston Business Journal)

It’s a no-brainer. It’s basic infrastructure. (Forbes)

“A pipeline is the safest way to transport friendly fuel from our neighbors, from our friends in Canada. It’s not an environmental concern of the administration. … It definitely is political.” (Houston Business Journal)

It will get to market somehow. (Forbes)

About Obama asking Congress to designate parts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska as a wilderness area, although he will look into opening the Atlantic coast to oil and gas exploration: “That’s a bogus exchange. The Atlantic potential out there has already been tried. … Picture a football field — that’s ANWR — and a postage stamp. That’s the size of what we need to explore.” (Houston Business Journal)

The administration is not understanding the inherent link between energy and security and energy and prosperity. He’s rewarding the environmentalists who are extreme in saying there would be environmental harm in developing ANWR.” They worry about the impact on the “moose and caribou.” Well we’ve had the Trans-Alaska Pipeline for decades, and that “pipeline has not been adverse at all. (Forbes)

“In fact, the animals, they — our theory anyways — they like the warmth that is underneath that (Trans-Alaska) pipeline. They mate under that pipeline. I kid you not. … If there is even a touch of adverse effect on, say, a caribou, well that one caribou should take one for the team and allow us to keep going.” (Houston Business Journal)

On Barack Obama: “He is not for United States energy independence. He may spew the rhetoric, but he is not. His actions speak louder than his words.” (Houston Business Journal)

“With so much of the world oil supply dominated by OPEC and Saudi Arabia, it’s just such a shame that we are so enormously under the influence of foreign countries.

“We want to get out from under that. That’s why support things like Keystone and fracking and horizontal drilling.”

America should have the ultimate goal of being really energy independent, instead of going over to Saudi Arabia and bowing before the king. We don’t want to have to rely on what’s going on over there.(Forbes)

“Now is the time to start planning for more drilling, for more production. With downturned prices like this, it gives y’all a chance to sort of catch a breath, right, and plan for the future. We can look at it as the glass half empty or half full. Of course, the half empty part is the job losses. From a humanitarian standpoint, it’s sad to see people threatened with their employment. But, on the other hand, these low oil prices can actually really help spur our economy and, ultimately, help the industry.” (Houston Business Journal)

The Governor also took a few questions on non-energy issues:

“I can’t wait for 2016. That election I can see from my house. I hope for a GOP candidate who understands energy and understands infrastructure.” (Forbes)

On the 2016 Democratic nominee for president: “Hillary Clinton will be the candidate because she has the money and they have a very shallow bench.”

On whether she will run: “I’m so sorry I have to sound like a politician and give you the same answer I give all the time. It’s too early and a lot can change.”

Looking back on the 2008 presidential campaign: “Yeah, second out of two. Yeah, darn it. To do that again, I guess I would’ve gone rogue a lot earlier … broken out of the shackles.”

On the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary special that she will appear in on Feb. 15: “I said, sure, you know, kill them with kindness.”

On NBC’s suspended Brian Williams and what she calls the “lapdog media”: “They lie. They make things up.” (Houston Business Journal)

She left with an ovation too, declaring, “It’s always a pleasure to be back in Alaska’s sister state Texas.” (Forbes)


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin kicks off NAPE’s Thursday festivities during a Q&A session with Carl Campbell, Chairman of the NAPE Advisory Board (photo courtesy Business Wire)

Governor Palin previewed her address yesterday evening on Facebook:


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