GSP joins SNL on 40th Anniversary Special

Governor Palin wowed the crowd as she arrived on the “red carpet” for Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary 3-hour special.

She stopped on the “red carpet” to talk with actor Alec Baldwin, quipping that she likes his brother, Stephen –a conservative– better. NBC anchors Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer interviewed the two of them, and it may be me, but it seemed as though Baldwin was doing his best to keep Gov. Palin from talking. After Guthrie asked her a direct question, Baldwin was forced to listen, while chomping on his gum (or could it have been leftover food from dinner?)

Twitchy caught some of the action on Twitter, where some scoffed at the dress Governor Palin was wearing because it may have been one Bristol has worn (as Taylor would say: “haters gonna hate hate hate”).  Others opined that she was “killin’ that dress.”  Afterall, I doubt not many Moms can wear their 24-year old daughter’s dress and look fantastic. Here are a few women who tell it like it is:

Twitter re stunning Palin by Laura Scala

And from Chicago conservative talk radio host, Stephanie Trussell (who used to be a big liberal Democrat from Chicago’s westside):

Twitter re Palin SNL Stephanie Trussel

Inside the studio, Governor Palin was seated next to Taylor Swift (2011 Country Music Entertainer of the Year, and other awards). By the looks of the photos chosen to accompany an article, it seemed as though some in the media tried to suggest that Taylor wasn’t happy about the seating arrangments. Of course, the media is known for contorting anything (read: Brian Williams) if it will make a headline or drive clicks to their site.

However, Eonline, posted an article that showed the full photograph of Governor Palin and Taylor together, not just the one others cropped. In the full view photo, it’s clear that Taylor was looking up at some sort of monitor just like the rest of the audience.

Palin & Taylor Swift at SNL full view

Best-selling author, Brad Thor, who moved from Chicago to Tennesee to escape the high taxes of liberal Illinois, gave a shout-out to Gov. Palin:

Brad Thor tweet of Palin SNL40

Breitbart has a nice recap of her appearance, which was part of a segment where comedian Jerry Seinfeld takes questions from the audience –beginning with longtime actor Michael Douglas, and ending (at the 6-minute mark) with a question from “Tina” –oh, wait. Seinfeld corrected himself, “Governor Palin, welcome!”

“How much do you think Lorne Michaels would pay me if I were to run in 2016?”

“I don’t think there’s a number too big,” Seinfeld replied.

“What if I were to choose Donald Trump as my running mate?” Palin asked.

“Sarah, you’re teasing us, that’s not nice,” Seinfeld joked.

While you don’t get to see Taylor Swift seated next to her, there is a shot where you see Steven Spielberg seated behind her.

Someone should have informed this crowd what Gov. Palin just finished doing: giving substantive (policy) speeches in Texas to incentivize and spur energy development at NAPE (“supported by four of the upstream oil and gas industry’s most respected organizations united by one goal: To make deals happen), and at a Distinguished Lecture Series featuring “Groundbreakers, Mavericks, and Trailblazers: How Women are Showing 21st Century Leadership”.

Not sure why, but some media outlets (Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo) claimed the Governor was making a “surprise” appearance. News about Lorne Michael and the Saturday Night Live team inviting her appeared in People magazine and other outlets on February 4.

No doubt, there will be more to follow. As of this writing, neither the Governor nor Taylor Swift had sent any messages out via her social media platforms.


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