Hollywood Street Artists: Don’t Bow To The Saudis! Drill Baby Drill! Frack Baby Frack!

Unlike President Obama, Hollywood street artists understand that energy independence is a serious issue. While the president threatens to VETO the newly passed Keystone Pipeline Bill, Hollywood activists are taking the Drill Baby Drill and Frack Baby Frack message straight to the people.
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In case you missed it Drill Baby Drill is working. Drill Baby Drill and Frack Baby Frack are both viable energy policies, despite being mocked by Democrats for years. United States energy production has increased in the last several years, even though Obama and his Democrats fought it every step of the way. This ramped up energy production is the catalyst that is causing U.S. energy costs to fall rather quickly.
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Last week, Hollywood street artists and activists plastered tinsel town with pop art that mocks anti-fracking celebrity activists Ed Begley Jr. and Bobby Kennedy Jr., branding them “Saudi Approved”. The pop art was posted around town to coincide with an anti-oil drilling environmental event at the Hermosa Beach Community Center last Thursday. The posters show imagery of Begley Jr. and Kennedy Jr. wearing traditional Arab head-dresses embellished with their names and featuring Arabic text.
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The art clearly articulates that Hollywood celebrities embracing anti-fracking and anti-drilling extremism are putting foreign prosperity over American prosperity and American security.
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Remember when Begley Jr. got caught last year in a Project Veritas sting video? In the video Begley Jr. gladly agreed to star in an anti-fracking movie that was to be paid for by a (faux) middle east oil tycoon who told  him that he was planning to protect his oil by destroying the American perception of fracking in this (faux) film.
The undeniable success of American fracking is a big problem for OPEC.  The Saudis recently slashed oil prices to undermine the American fracking industry.  But something else happened too. The unintended consequence of this move ended up being both a political and economic win for America, as it paralyzed the economies of both the Russians and the Venezuelans because their economies rely on higher oil prices. 
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Environmental activists who post on the Stop Oil Drilling in Hermosa Beach Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NoBPinHB) are actually celebrating the fact that low gas prices threaten the American fracking industry. The environmental extremists don’t even understand that it was because of the success of the American fracking industry that made OPEC slash prices in an attempt to undermine them.  Isn’t it shocking that environmentalists would prefer to support middle-Eastern oil instead of supporting cheap energy made in America?

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