NO CONSERVATIVES ALLOWED: #LGBT Needs New Leadership New Blood New Ideas

Under current LGBT leadership this is how their movement works: Step one. Using expensive focus group results, invent a right. Step two. Convince a small group of people they are being denied the imaginary right. Step Three. Target & humiliate anyone who disagrees with the imaginary right. Step Four. Fundraise relentlessly using the word equality often, reminding people that equality can be given or taken – depending on whether the candidate, issue, or public personality is liberal or conservative. Democrat candidates give imaginary rights & Republican candidates take away imaginary rights. Lather. Rinse. Repeat endlessly in fabulous LGBT multi-media propaganda, which is celebrated by Hollywood & the LSM.

via WashingtonBlade.Com:

On Wednesday, the executive committee of the Republican National Committee formally censured Dave Agema, a Michigan committee chair, demanding his resignation and calling on the Michigan Republican Party to explore disciplinary options.

Back in the late 90’s LGBT leadership made a decision regarding strategy. The unfortunate decision was made shortly after the radical feminist lesbian fringe hijacked the entire movement. The radical lesbians decided that the best strategy was to isolate & then publically demonize any American with ideas they disagree with. It’s a time tested strategy. It works. But is it the right thing to do? Isn’t there a more constructive & humane way to make progress in society & get along with others who are different?

Perhaps there is a less divisive way that doesn’t force American citizens into little categories & little boxes. You know what I mean. That whole hyphenated American thing. It’s narrow minded & intolerant if you really think about it for a second. Little boxes neatly categorized for the state computer. I think we can do better than that. I think all Americans deserve better than that.

Recently Dave Agema, Michigan RNC Committee Chair, posted some statistics about homosexuals online. He was immediately isolated, then labeled, then targeted as a bigot by the open minded & tolerant LGBT. The witch-hunt behavior of the LGBT then forced Dave to be punished again. This time the punishment came from Reince Priebus, RNC Chairperson, who made this statement: “Agema has a history of “harmful and offensive” rhetoric that “has no place in our party.”

Reince had two choices. He could allow the party to be forced by the open minded & tolerant LGBT to make an example of Agema. Or, Reince could sit back in horror watching both the GOP & all conservatives face the multi-media vicious wrath of the open minded & tolerant LGBT. If Reince chose the second option we’d be forced to watch the complicit LSM in endless propaganda attacks that don’t even stop after Hollywood makes a movie about Dave. During the rolling of the credits the entire audience cries & feels sorry for the oppressed LGBT victims. After the credits, the entire audience (still with tears in their eyes) decides they hate Dave. After some more thought (& lectures from Rachel Maddow & Sally Cohen) the entire audience decides they hate all conservatives for being so mean to the LGBT victims.

That’s a lot of hate forced on the country courtesy of the open minded & tolerant LGBT. What if Reince had another choice? What if there was new leadership in the LGBT? What if the new blood & new ideas were reasonable? What if conservative pro-America voices were represented in LGBT leadership? What if LGBT leadership behaved in a different way? A more constructive way. A more American way. A more open minded & tolerant way. I believe there is another way. I believe there is another way for all Americans to get along with people who are different.

Just so you know where I’m coming from, I believe that homosexuality is a sexual preference, not a community. Especially not a community that insists everyone is equal out of one side of their mouth & then demands special treatment out of the other side. i.e. “Bake me a cake or else we will sue you into bankruptcy”. Nana & Papa taught me that it was rude to talk about sex in mixed company. Call me old school if you want, but endlessly discussing the sexual proclivities of American citizens & then blackmailing demanding that the country celebrate sodomy is not helping America move forward. I believe real equality is only possible when being gay is as irrelevant as someone having red hair. I believe that LGBT leadership, screwed up when they chose equality (I would have chosen liberty) as their all purpose wannabe mantra & fundraising buzzword. I do not believe that being gay is anything to be ashamed of or proud of. Why? Because sex is not an achievement. I believe the significance & original reason that led to the Stone Wall riots & the political aftermath is being destroyed by current LGBT leadership via their strategies, decisions, & thug tactics. Even RuPaul agrees with me.

RuPaul:Gay Movement Will Eat Itself from the Inside Out”

Humor me for a minute. What if conservative voices were represented in LGBT leadership & they talked like this:

LGBT leadership is working to help and not hurt our fellow conservatives win elections.  We encourage LGBT activists to use their unique insights, stylish skills, impeccable flair & creativity to push limited government, pro-America candidates across the victory line. We are preparing to debut our “Domestic Partnership Reform Bill”. LGBT leadership is very excited about this. Our “Domestic Partnership Reform Bill” will begin to repair the damage done to America by the activist judges who shockingly nullified the votes of thousands of Americans. We believe our “Domestic Partnership Reform Bill” can unite a torn apart country & allow those on both sides of this unnecessarily divisive issue to be satisfied. We believe our “Domestic Partnership Reform Bill” is the first step in repairing the damage done to America by the behavior of  former LGBT leadership.

Or something like that.

But what about Dave? Is Dave a bigot? I don’t know. I’ve never met Dave. Were the statistics bigoted? I don’t know. To be completely honest, there was something creepy about seeing them presented & footnoted in the way they were. Have a look for yourself. Unfortunately, to me, many of the statistics are pretty much the group norm. I wish they weren’t. But too many of them are. It’s times like this that I thank God for making me a conservative. Because Conservatives believe & have great faith in the individual, not the collective, & definitely not the group norm.

Instead of using thug tactics to isolate & punish Dave, wouldn’t it be a more open minded & tolerant strategy to admit the bad behavior of the group norm & then do something about it? If you can’t admit the bad behavior of the group norm how can you help others to overcome the bad behavior?

The LGBT needs new leadership, new blood, & new ideas. If they wish to remain relevant & stop isolating themselves they need to allow conservative voices to step forward & serve. If the LGBT desires to move forward & make real progress, it’s time to remove the proverbial NO CONSERVATIVES ALLOWED sign from LGBT headquarters. All Americans deserve better.












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