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Editorial Board, Orange County Register:

On the 10 previous occasions, House bills supporting construction of Keystone XL were killed in the Senate, which was then controlled by Democrats under the leadership of Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, an implacable foe of the project.

Though the new Republican controlled Senate passed the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act in January – with nine Democrats voting with the GOP – it remains improbable the measure becomes law. That’s because the president has vowed to veto the bill if and when it made it to his desk.

“I won’t hide my opinion about this,” said Mr. Obama, back in November. “One major determinant of whether we should approve a pipeline shipping Canadian oil to world markets, not to the United States, is does it contribute to the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change?”

We find the president’s explanation for his opposition to Keystone XL disingenuous.

Indeed, a State Department analysis concluded that there would be “no export of light or heavy crude from Keystone XL … to overseas markets.” Meanwhile, a study by the energy research group IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates determined that Keystone XL “will have no material effect on U.S. GHGs.”


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