Palin Under Fire for Using a Reusable Grocery Bag at Wal-Mart

AP-Wasilla, AK

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has come under fire after it was discovered that she used a reusable grocery bag during a recent trip to the Wasilla Wal-Mart.

The head of Alaska for Petroleum-Based Retail Products, Shannyn Halcro, released a statement in which she said,” it’s a shame that our former governor, who claims to be pro-energy development won’t support petroleum-based plastic bags when she goes shopping”.

The president of the Alaska Loggers Association, Kim McLeod, also criticized the former governor for not using the wood-based paper bags for her shopping needs.

Former Wal-Mart Board Member, Hillary Clinton, who has remained quiet on recent foreign affairs, decided to chime in on this domestic issue, after it was also revealed that Palin used the self-checkout lane, as opposed to using a lane with cashier and bagging services. Clinton said in a statement, ” Palin says she supports the grocer’s daughter, but she won’t even support the hard working retail workers who make Wasilla the duct tape capital of the world“.

Palin responded to the criticism by noting that she had used one of Bristol’s reusable bags when she had made a run to the grocery store for ingredients for her moose chili. “It’s good environmental stewardship to reuse bags”, Palin said, “but the Left and the lamestream media would criticize me no matter what I do. If I walked on Lake Lucille, they would say it was because I couldn’t swim”.

It sounds just as ridiculous, when it’s a dress not a grocery bag.

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