Tee Shirt Primaries Off To A Good Start

February 6th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

The nation’s first primaries and caucuses may still be one year off, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the ‘tee shirt primaries’ are well underway.

The WSJ had an interesting take yesterday, analyzing sales data from CafePress.  The online marketplace that allows sellers to create  a wide range of customized products, from tee shirts and hoodies, to bumper stickers and coffee mugs.

The WSJ compiled a list of the top selling potential candidates for 2016 by reviewing the number of items sold from January of 2014 through January 2015.

At the bottom of their top ten list were Rick Perry with 8,317 items sold and Jeb Bush, who moved 10,297 items.  Keep in mind that these items aren’t offered for sale by the respective potential candidates but by various individuals who custom create the goods .. with one notable exception.  More on that in a moment.

Rounding out the middle were Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, Ben Carson, Elizabeth Warren, and inexplicably .. Al Gore.  Sales ranged from 35,400 items for third place finisher Rand Paul to  10,400 for eighth place Mr. Gore.

The WSJ took note of that one exception of the sellers offering items:

With the exception of the scads of trinkets sold by Ready for Hillary, the PAC backing a 2016 Clinton campaign, there is next to no campaign merchandise for sale from the candidates or committees backing them.

The #ReadyForHillary PAC is actively using CafePress to generate revenue for their effort, undoubtedly solely responsible for Ms. Clinton’s first place finish with 91,902 items sold.

Finishing in a very strong second place was Governor Sarah Palin, whose supporters purchased 77,873 items on their own initiative.  A remarkable showing for one whose influence is said by detractors to be on the wane.  Guess they didn’t read the sales reports.

Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal HERE


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