Obama’s crusade to kill coal-powered electric plants will jeopardize America’s power grid

I remember in the first Gulf War one of General Schwarzkopf’s primary objectives in the initial bombing campaign was to destroy Iraq’s power grid. One could make the argument that we now have a president who wants to do the same to our own power grid. Via Terry Jarrett at Real Clear Politics:

As President Obama looks to implement strict rules on carbon emissions, coal-powered electrical generation is on the chopping block. For those worried about climate change, coal is a convenient target. Unfortunately, a plan by the Environmental Protection Agency to shutter hundreds of domestic, coal-fired power plants has been hastily thrown together, with no confirmed alternatives for steady, reliable power generation.

What’s at stake is “grid reliability” — whether supply exists to meet the current, massive U.S. demand for electricity. For much of the country, the EPA’s mandate is troubling because, right now, roughly 40 percent of electricity in the United States comes from coal-fired generation.

Under new regulations from the EPA, many of these plants would be effectively forced out of operation. And to date, no one is saying how that power will be otherwise produced. Wind, solar, and natural gas have all been suggested, but none is capable of providing reliable and affordable electricity like coal can. While some states are able to rely on alternative sources such as wind and hydropower, that simply isn’t an option for much of the country.

The importance of coal in generating electricity was demonstrated very clearly last winter when coal-fired plants worked overtime to heat homes and businesses during a deep freeze. In fact, American Electric Power, a major utility company, reported that 90 percent of its coal plants slated for retirement under pending EPA rules were running at full speed just to meet peak demand.

And it’s significantly colder this year than it was last year. Literally hundreds of millions of Americans rely on coal in one way or another for their energy needs. Like many, my house is heated by electricity. What will happen if there’s no reliable supply? Even homes heated by natural gas or heating oil need electricity to distribute the heat. Let’s try to follow Obama’s logic on this, shall we. We need to destroy our energy industry and all the jobs dependent on it in order to fight man-made global warming which is to blame for all things weather-related including, naturally, the brutal cold outbreaks we’ve been experiencing the last couple years which have locked the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast in a deep layer of ice and snow. In order to save the planet and its hapless inhabitants from the ravages described above, it’s necessary to eliminate the most abundant and dependable source of energy – that would be coal – we rely on to heat our homes with no concrete plan to replace it with something that works. In other words, to save ourselves from global warming we must make the ultimate sacrifice and freeze to death. Hope and change.


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