Barbara Boxer | I do not like Republicans

Barbara Boxer, Huffington Post:

Republicans have been running the Senate for just over two months, but already we’re seeing a clear pattern of hostage taking and playing politics at the expense of the American people.

Time and again, this Republican majority has tried to inject unrelated, extreme, politically charged matters into key pieces of legislation that would otherwise pass with bipartisan support.

Instead of funding the Department of Homeland Security, the Republicans held our national security hostage and threatened to furlough thousands of DHS workers so they could try to insert a mean-spirited provision aimed at splitting up millions of loving families.

Instead of passing a transportation bill with bipartisan support, some Republicans want to hold the highway bill hostage to big polluting Canadian special interests and build the Keystone pipeline that will create only 35 permanent jobs.

Instead of working with Democrats to pass a bipartisan human trafficking bill that everyone could support, the Republicans snuck in language that would, for the first time, place abortion restrictions on private funds used by women who have survived slavery.


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