Hilarious: NBC’s Richard Engel struggles to explain Obama’s incoherent policy toward Iran

This is comedy gold. It’s Rachel Maddow’s show so you’ll want to skip to about the :58 mark to begin watching then stop at about 2:40. It’s definitely worth it.

So to sum this up, we’re simultaneously fighting with Iran in Iraq, fighting against Iran in Yemen and Syria, and negotiating away the farm to Iran in Geneva while their dictator screams “death to America” in the streets of Tehran. Did I leave anything out? Is there some missing bit of information which, when added to the above mix, will magically reconcile the irreconcilable. I think not. One more thing: This insanity is being pursued because Obama thinks it will burnish his foreign policy legacy. Think about that.

Last night the Fox All-Stars were equally perplexed.

Update: I changed some of the wording in the post a little bit.

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