RNC Hillary Clinton Video: Stay secretive, my friends

I saw this on the Fox All-Stars and had to share it.

Well done, RNC. It’s looking more and more like Clinton’s wife is all the Democrats have. Despite lefty blogger Ezra Klein’s recent musings, Al Gore has no interest in giving up the lavish life-style he’s been able to carve out by exploiting his global-warming idiocy. Ditto Liz Warren who has shown no indication she’s interested in donning the moccasins and feather headdress and leaving the sanctity of her urban teepee. Of course the Dems can always rely on their, ahem, vaunted bench which includes heavy hitters Jim Webb, socialist Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley (who?) and, of course, this guy:


Believe it or not, someone actually created a draft Biden website. Just for kicks I took a look.

The economy. National security. Infrastructure. Education. These are just some of the issues our country faces going forward, with more challenges and opportunities added everyday. In this time of great change and uncertainty, America needs an experienced, steady hand on the wheel.

Vice President Joe Biden has more experience than any other candidate, or potential candidate, in the field. When he was elected to the Senate, he was one of the youngest Senators ever at twenty-nine. Now, with thirty-six years in Congress, and eight as Vice President, his institutional knowledge of the inner workings of Washington is unmatched.

His years of experience are complemented by his passion for the issues, particularly foreign policy. From helping pass the new START treaty to playing an important role in ending the Iraq War, he has been on the forefront of every foreign policy issue for decades.  Concerning domestic policy, he’s focused on such key issues to our economy as affordable college and growth in the manufacturing industry.

He’s been the proverbial “heart beat” away for eight years. No one else will bring the passion, joy and knowledge to the office, and there is no one more deserving, more willing and more qualified to be our 45th President than Joseph Biden.

I … think they’re serious. I’ll give Biden the experience. His arrival in Washington pre-dated leisure suits and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. However, on the rare occasion I think about Joe Biden, the phrase “steady hand on the wheel” doesn’t leap immediately to mind. That said, I’m compelled to sign their petition. As I said before, we need this guy to run.

Run Joe, run.

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