Sally Kohn | Those horrible Republicans should show our awesome president more respect

Sally Kohn, CNN:

In the Washington Post, columnist Jonathan Capehart recently outlines what he sees as the top six instances of disrespect toward President Obama. His list includes the example of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani saying, “I do not believe that the President loves America.” Also on Capehart’s list are the time a reporter from the conservative Daily Caller website interrupted the President during remarks at the White House about immigration reform in 2012, and the time South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson, a Republican, heckled the President during his speech to a joint session of Congress about health care reform. (Wilson shouted “You lie!” in response to remarks by the President that, it should be noted, were in fact quite true).

And there are plenty more examples of Republican slights against President Obama.

Most famously, there was the widespread questioning of Obama’s citizenship and academic credentials that included signs at conservative rallies describing Obama as a “lyin’ African.” And there was the Republican women’s group that created an image of “food stamp dollars” with Obama’s face on them (as well as a bucket of KFC and watermelon). There was also Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich decrying Obama’s “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior.” Plus there was then-Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer waving her finger at President Obama when she greeted Air Force One on the tarmac. Brewer later alleged she “felt a little bit threatened” by the President.

Taken as a whole, this list suggests a troubling pattern of profound disrespect for the President. But more than this, it seems to reflect an anti-Obama fever that has gripped the Republican Party — one that the letter to Iran suggests shows no signs of breaking, and is a sure sign of sickness in the Republican Party.


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