WSJ | Democrats march in lock-step behind the Clinton machine

Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal:

Democrats believe in government mandates, so perhaps it’s appropriate that for the 2016 presidential race they have all but mandated themselves to fall in line behind Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nearly a year before the first primaries, they have already anointed her the winner of what would be the least competitive open-seat presidential nominating race in modern times.

Desperate Republicans recruited Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 after five straight defeats, but even Ike faced competition from Ohio Senator and conservative favorite Robert Taft.Hillary has no serious competitor even contemplating a race. This is an extraordinary political turnabout. Republicans, who typically believe in presidential primogeniture, have a wide open race with several qualified candidates with genuine accomplishments. The non-Hillary Democrats considering a run are gadflies or impossible dreamers.

Usually a sitting Vice President would be expected to run, but not even Democrats takeJoe Biden seriously. He’d mainly provide entertainment for journalists. (Go for it, Joe.)Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist from Vermont. Martin O’Malley raised taxes so many times that he helped elect the second Republican Governor in Maryland in 45 years.

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is an accomplished man but too many of his views are out of step with the Democratic Party left—especially his distaste for racial identity politics. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo? He wouldn’t dare take on the Clintons.John Kerry lost to George W. Bush.


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