Dear #LGBT, Stop Making Things Up. #EnoughIsEnough

The LGBT needs to stop making things up. Gender is not objective. Gender is very simple. Gender is determined between your legs by the doctor when you are born, not “in your heart” later on in life. A boy is born with a penis, a girl is born with a vagina. That’s just how it is.

There is absolutely no such thing as a “transgender child”. The appropriate way to parent if you find yourself confronted with this situation is quite simple:

Mommy & Daddy will always love you no matter what. Little boys wear pants, little girls wear dresses. If you still want to wear a dress when you are eighteen years old Mommy & Daddy will still love you

Parents are the ones who are in charge. Not the children, not the television, and definitely not the LGBT. Society must stand up to those who are attempting to redefine gender. We cannot allow gender to be redefined to suit the demands of a new special interest group for the commercially driven LGBT to endlessly exploit.

Current LGBT leadership is on the cusp of redefining another word, marriage, a word that is not even mentioned in the constitution. Enough is enough. How far will we allow them to go?


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