For Such A Time As This: @SarahPalinUSA A Good Christian Woman

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Perpetual potty-mouth comedian Louis CK said some really offensive stuff a couple years ago about GSP. Gross references to her anatomy, explicit sexual comments, cuss words, and even some racial stuff were thrown in the mix as well. You know what I mean – the real war on women kind of garbage.

The comedian who has been quoted as saying that he never apologizes to anyone for anything he says told Howard Stern “Something came over me emotionally”…”(And I said) well, I owe you an apology.'”

Mr. CK had run into GSP at the NBC SNL after party a couple months ago. The Governor approached him, touched him on the shoulder, politely introduced herself, and told him that her nephew thinks he’s a funny comedian that she should meet. She even invited him to come to Alaska to go fishing!

As is the case when most GSP critics/haters meet her in person, he was immediately won over by her kind, love thy neighbor, real public servants heart. I find it refreshing to see a decent Christian woman use her platform to remind Americans that we can: take the high road, kill ’em with kindness, and come out on top.

Was the apology sincere? Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares? America learned a lot more about GSP than they did about CK with this story. Time will tell.

Is something in the air?

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