Gov. Sarah Palin • Defending The 2nd Amendment

Defending The Second Amendment


The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives recently tried to unilaterally ban a type of ammunition. But tens of thousands of Americans rose up in protest and the agency backed down. (Sarah Palin Channel)

Defending_the_2nd_Amendment_Palin_01“Well it’s easy to get discouraged in Obama’s America.”

“With his pen and phone he tramples the Constitution, he bypasses Congress, and he works to enact his agenda over the protests of the American people.”


“Well sometimes, just sometimes the American people speak so loudly that even this administration can hear.”


“And that’s what happened when the ATF tried to unilaterally ban a kind of ammunition commonly used in AR-15 rifles.”
“They wanted to ban it not because the ammo was defective, but because the ATF thought the ammunition could be dangerous.”


“Guess what?”

“Any ammunition can be dangerous!”


“A lot of things can be dangerous if used improperly or illegally.”
“Take cars for example.”


“Well if the ATF had got it’s way with this ammo ban, where would it end?”


Defending_the_2nd_Amendment_Family“Would America’s sportsmen, hunters, and law abiding gun owners seeking to just protect their homes, protect their families .. would they be left with only government approved ammunition?”


“Well the ATF got more than 80,000 comments from the public”

“And they backed down.”


“You know what that means?”

“Keep speaking!”

“Sometimes even the Obama administration will back down.”


Watch Gov. Palin’s full video message on the Sarah Palin Channel (subscription required)

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