Gov. Sarah Palin • Standing Up For Christians

Sarah_Palin_Standing_Up_For_Christians_SPCThe savage attack on Christian students in Kenya recently is another brutal reminder of the persecution that so many men, women and children are facing around the world because of their Christian faith.

As Governor Palin explains, it’s time for action to stop this barbarity. (Sarah Palin Channel)


“Are massacres of Christians now so routine that they can barely break into the news cycle?”

“Seems that way.”


Sarah_Palin_Standing_Up_For_Christians_Targeting_Christians“In Kenya, a jihadist group every bit as radical as ISIS, stormed into a college.”

“They separated the Christians from the Muslim students, and they didn’t stop shooting Christians until more than a 140 Christians lay dead.”


Sarah_Palin_Standing_Up_For_Christians_Cross“God bless those Christian students, their families, their loved ones.”

“Those Christian students who refused to deny Christ up to the very end.”


“Christians are being targets for murder in our long war against radical Islam.”




“But the Obama administration still isn’t serious.”

“They’re not serious about jihad.”


“Some of the problems are our allies don’t have enough resources.”

“Our soldiers, they’re not allowed to fight to win.”



“The Obama administration, it’s focusing it’s energy on things like appeasing Iran, while alienating Israel.”


Sarah_Palin_Standing_Up_For_Christians_001“Our priorities are exactly backwards.”

“These backward priorities are killing the Christian faith in the Middle East.”

“They’re killing Christians in Africa.”


“How long before we face another unthinkable tragedy right here at home, when if we do the right thing .. it can be prevented?”

* This video was originally published on April 20th, 2015 (screenshots courtesy of the Sarah Palin Channel)

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