Gov. Sarah Palin: “They Called Sen. Cotton A Traitor”

As the Obama Administration pursued its misguided negotiations with Iran, Senator Tom Cotton released an open letter to Iran explaining the President’s constitutional role in negotiating with foreign nations. The letter, which laid out the simple truth that the President cannot cut out the Senate in creating binding treaties, touched off a firestorm of liberal accusations. (Sarah Palin Channel)


Sarah_Palin_Tom_Cotton_01“I want to talk about the mainstream media’s definition of a traitor.”

“You can always tell when a liberal is losing his argument. They change the subject.”

“Recently, it seemed like the mainstream media has lost it’s mind over Senator Tom Cotton’s open letter to Iran informing it of the realities of our constitutional system.”


Tom_Cotton“The president may negotiate deals, but Congress has to approve deals for them to have lasting effect.  And if Congress doesn’t approve this nuclear deal, Congress won’t accept this deal, now or in the future.” – Sen Tom Cotton


Sarah_Palin_Tom_Cotton_02“Our president cannot unilaterally enter into binding treaties without the Senate’s consent.”

“If President Obama tries to use his pen and his phone to make an agreement with Iran, well our next president can simply change his mind”

“Now for speaking the simple truth, the left went ballistic.”


Senator_Traitor“They called Senator Cotton a traitor!”

“They’re claiming that the mere act of posting an open letter on a website, that it’s somehow illegally interferring with diplomatic negotiations.”


Senator_Tom_Cotton“Senator Cotton has served this nation in combat.”

“He’s risked his life for our liberty.”

“But the left wants to change the subject and do anything to avoid the simple truth.”


Sarah_Palin_Tom_Cotton_03“The President of the United States is trying to go around the Senate to make a deal with one of the most murderous and violent regimes on earth.”

“Senator Tom Cotton is trying to do something about it.”


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