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Exclusive Autism Tell-All

Heather Bruce did not notice any red flags for the first 18 months. Then she noticed her son, Karcher, now 20 playing by himself under a table or blanket. At his two-year checkup, the doctor did not notice anything. As Karcher joined a Sunday school for two-year-olds, the differences became more apparent. A teacher recommended he be tested for Autism. He was diagnosed just before his third birthday. Bruce said the educational system was very good. “Every family has its challenges and story,” she said.

She described Karcher as a “great, great young man” and “a shining light in the family.” Karcher graduated high school and works in the family business. Bruce said she networked with other parents and studied Autism. She did not just let Karcher do what he wanted but pushed him out of his comfort zone.

She said biological research is most promising. Red flags are more known today and early intervention leads to better outcomes.

Bruce said science has debunked the notion that vaccines cause Autism. Her other children were vaccinated and are not Autistic. Children in other countries who are not vaccinated are Autistic, she said.

Bruce has a degree in speech and hearing pathology. She is a Special Ed teacher’s assistant. Through a program called ACE she takes students out to job sites. It’s for high-functioning Autistic students to pursue an alternative career path. They leave by age 22 with three to four job sites on their resumes. Bruce said they have more work skills than even some “normal” students.

Bruce said she “tries to stay out of the spotlight.”

“If I can help others, I do. That’s what we are out here on this earth to do….Sarah has been a tremendous supporter of our causes, our business, our family. It’s been great to have her in our side looking out for the small guy.”

The Bruce business – a Chevron station in Anchorage is doing well provides Karcher a place to work where he is needed she said.

Her most vivid memory of Sarah – Feisty – a little tornado. But, Sarah and was respectful of her siblings’ groups and never butted in.

Bruce ran her last marathon in New Orleans. Sarah got her into hot Bikram Yoga. Karcher swims laps.

Bruce recommends organizations such as Autism Speaks and said parents should seek support from other parents because Autism can be an isolating disease.

Heather Bruce, Sarah Palin’s sister is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! During this National Autism Awareness Month, Bruce is here to talk about her amazing son Karcher and the battle against Autism. She also shares some childhood memories about her little sister Sarah. Don’t miss this Mama Grizzly Radio special interview. Also, Governor Palin heads to Minnesota in support of hunters. Plus, a brand new segment of Liberty & Legacy with Tamara Colbert in Texas, and Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman in Missouri is showcased. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar!



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