Mr. @RickAbrams’ Coalition of Liberal/Conservative Hollywood Activists Pen Open Letter to Judge Marshall

Rick Abrams’s coalition of liberal and conservative grassroots Hollywood Activists are holding Los Angeles Judges feet to the fire. Check this out!

via JwalshConfidential:

If one ever wonders if it is appropriate to send an OPEN Letter to the Judge presiding over a case in which the General Public is openly deceived by a proposed settlement that is nothing else but a “guarantee” to the wealthiest while leaving the rest in the dust, literally speaking, then the answer is: Yes.

That is exactly what two groups in Los Angeles did in the case of the proposed Settlement in Willits vs The City of Los Angeles.

The letter states that “This Litigation Was Foreseeable in 2002” and continues with “In Barden v. City of Sacramento 292 F.3d 1073 (2002), the Ninth Circuit held that sidewalks fall under the protection of the Americans With Disabilities act [ADA]. Thus, The City has known for thirteen (13) years that its faulty sidewalks made it very vulnerable to an ADA lawsuit. Plaintiffs herein filed suit eight (8) years later in 2010. During this time, The City had allowed the sidewalks to deteriorate despite the fact that it had the resources to repair streets and sidewalks. Rather than entertain an exhaustive discussion of the City’s budget over these years, a look at the funds available to The City in its Community Redevelopment – Los Angeles [CRA/LA] accounts will show that The City has had the money but chose not to repair its infrastructure.”

The entire letter is written in a manner that even the most gullible people will understand that the so called leaders of Los Angeles are not here to protect the residents, but that they are in office to adhere to those who have the money and power behind them.

One can either sit back and let those City Hallers continue to haul our tax money away, or one can read the entire letter, use it as a template and then let Judge Marshall know that it is not okay to put residences dead last in this settlement that is supposed to protect the General Public.

Click here for the entire letter, which is a PDF: 2015-4-14_Open Letter to Judge Marshall

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