Nancy Pelosi’s Mini-Me (@DWStweets) Endorses Infanticide

DNC Head; Abortion Should Have ZERO Restrictions. ‘Period.’

Late term abortion is infanticide, both by definition and by what happens during the procedure. Nancy Pelosi’s mini-me (DNC Head; Debbie Wasserman Schultz) just endorsed infanticide. Liberals need to be forced to explain what they are really supporting and what the procedure is really about.

We cannot allow them to continue using buzzwords like “a woman’s choice” or “reproductive rights” to snooker the public about late term abortion. If Liberals want to support late term abortion, fine, it’s a free country – but they need to be intellectually honest about what happens during the procedure.

When a woman goes into the clinic prior to the procedure there is a live baby growing inside of her. The procedure kills the baby, the baby is dead after the procedure. This is not my opinion, this is what the procedure does. This is infanticide. Period. Liberals need to own it if they want to support this procedure.

Read more about Nancy Pelosi ‘s Mini-Me and her endorsement of infanticide: HERE


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