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Lots to watch, read and discuss on C4P  🙂

Clinton Cash • Peter Schweizer • The Mark Levin Show

Clinton’s Hid Over 1,000 Foreign Donors From Obama Admin • Clinton Cash

Gov. Sarah Palin • Standing Up For Christians

Morning Joe Erupts at Mika’s Double Standard for the Clinton’s

John Fund | Are Democrat Insiders Starting to Panic about Clinton’ Wife?

Mort Zuckerman: Obama “Has Lost A Lot Of Support In The Jewish Community”

Mrs. Clinton Has Answered a Grand Total of 7 Media Questions

Democrat Party Seeks to Reconnect with White Working-Class Male Voters

Clinton’s Troubles Net Winners and Losers

Josh Earnest: Americans held by Iran aren’t hostages, they’re being “unjustly detained”

Ben Carson Plans May 4 Announcement

The Clintons want us to digest their ethical lapses the way a python swallows a goat

Report: Obama releasing hundreds of illegal immigrant rapists, murderers

Allen West | My Greatest Fear About the Baltimore Riots

Senator Russ Johnson | A Make-or-Break ObamaCare Moment

Steven Crowder | Dear Racist, Looting, Rioting Scumbags In Baltimore…

ObamaCare Adds 3,322 Pages to the Tax Code

Is Anyone Afraid of Jeb Bush?

Obama Gives Union Thugs a Big Gift

Mrs. Clinton’s Bribery Scandal

Peter Schweizer • Clinton Cash • Sean Hannity Show

Tim Tebow Pretzels Debut in Philadelphia

Judge Andrew Napolitano • Credible Evidence for Justice Dept Investigation of Hillary Clinton

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