Sarah Palin: “Obamacare Could Crumble”


Supreme Court Justices are deliberating over another challenge to Obamacare. The case hinges on the legality of the healthcare subsidies for people in states that did not set up insurance exchanges, as required by the law when it was passed by Congress. (Sarah Palin Channel)



“Right now the U.S. Supreme Court is deliberating a very important question. Do words have meaning? Because if they do, Obamacare could crumble.”


State_Exchanges“The law was plainly written so that Obamacare subsidies were not available in states that refused to adopt their own insurance exchanges.”

“Most states chose not to participate in Obamacare.”



“The IRS changed the law all on it’s own, so that people from all states would be eligible for subsidies regardless of whether their states created an exchange. But the IRS isn’t Congress and it cannot change the law.”



“Will the court have the courage to do the right thing?”

“Only time will tell.”


Watch the full video on the Sarah Palin Channel (subscription required)

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