Team Clinton plans Chipotle stop in hilarious detail [ Video ]

The thing is, this is entirely plausible.  Likely even. We already know the supposedly impromptu meeting she held with “everyday Americans” when she stepped off her Scooby Doo van which, by the way, was parked illegally in a handicapped spot, was staged. The breathless little people from Iowa who hung on her every vapid, disingenuous word didn’t just happen to blunder into that diner but were in fact hand-picked Democrat activists, one of whom had once chauffeured Joe Biden around Davenport (hopefully the chauffeur had the sense to keep his wife and kids away from the Veep).  So why wouldn’t Clinton’s calculating wife plan every detail of her infamous lunch at a Toledo area Chipotle right down to whether or not ordering the guacamole would open her up to charges of being a rich elitist since, apparently, that particular topping is more expensive than, say, taco sauce. Anyway… Enjoy the video.

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