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April 4th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Beleaguered Indiana restaurant ‘Memories Pizza’ will reopen.  So say owners Kevin O’Connor and his daughter Crystal.

The eatery came under assault from progressive activists after co-owner Crystal was ambushed by a local ABC affiliate.  Reporter Alyssa Marino trolled into the Christian owned restaurant with hypothetical questions as to whether young Crystal would cater a gay wedding.  Responding that they offer service to all who enter their pizza joint, and adding that they’ve never been asked to cater any type of wedding.  When pressed by the reporter, the 23-year-old honestly answered that her Christian beliefs would not allow catering a ‘gay wedding’.

The ‘journalist’ ran with the quote, and it soon spread far and wide through leftist media propagandists, unleashing a storm of hatred upon the hapless victims.  The ‘hate crowd’ assaulted them by phone and on social media. Violence and death threats were issued, forcing the restaurateurs to close their establishment and go into hiding.

When Blaze TV host Dana Loesch learned of the O’Connor’s plight, she and the show’s producers took defensive action, setting up a ‘Go Fund Me’ account with the modest goal of raising $25,000 to assist the family through their ordeal.  Within hours donations exceeded $200k.

Loesch invited the O’Connor’s onto her show to inform them of the massive response from thousands of anonymous donors.  Loesch asked if they would reopen their restaurant, Kevin answered, “We are, the town has been supportive.”  Continuing O’Connor said, “Once the other folks started supporting, and we were getting support from the other side, it really bolstered us and made us feel a lot better and a lot more comfortable.  There was so much negativity, it just beats you down to nothing.  It’s been fantastic the support we have gotten.  I don’t have words to describe it.”

At the time of the interview donations had reached $264k.  O’Connor said that while the contributions were “greatly appreciated, he added, “even without the money, that’s a secondary thing. Just the kind words is what really built me back up. You gotta have money to live, but it’s not important. We would have gotten by.” .. “I am so grateful for the hand that helped hold us up.”

Crystal O’Connor was asked her reaction to the outpouring of support, “I’m in awe, I’m humbled.” she answered.  “I am humbled to be God’s servant and to stand up for what’s right.” … “It was all God, and he gets the glory.”

Watch the emotionally charged interview:


After 48 hours, the ‘Go Fund Me’ was voluntarily closed down, having raised an astounding $842k !!







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