Ann Coulter: Mitt Romney Will Jump Back In

According to Ann Coulter, she’ll take a long vacation if the Republicans nominate anyone else other than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker or Former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. In fact, she’d prefer Romney at the top of the ticket and Walker as Vice President even going so far as saying that the remaining candidates are jokes.

Her logic?

If we don’t run Mitt Romney (who lost to Barack Obama), we’ll lose to the Clinton Machine. Even though Republicans picked him and he lost in a general election against the worst president ever.  Even after he answered the “war on women” charge with “binders full of women“, he’s going to win against the Democrats’ first female presidential candidate.

She further bitterly clings to the idea of Romney being “the most conservative” candidate claiming Republican primary voters listened to “idiots.”  That’s odd considering he won the primary! 

And for the record, many tea party supporters (myself included) held our noses and voted for Romney in the general because even though we may have preferred someone else in the primary, he was the only alternative to the Obama nightmare.  Additionally, Governor Palin urged all of her supporters to do the same in 2012.

I was so looking forward to Coulter’s new book coming out.  Yet I find it hard to believe that this is the same woman we fell in love with years ago when she came close to making Katie Couric leap out of her seat in rage.

Such a shame.

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