Erick Erickson | The Republicans in 2016 Are DOOMED!!!!!!

Erick Erickson, Redstate:

Every once in a while you stumble into a news cycle and think, “This cannot be a coincidence.”

As news reports bring word that Hillary Clinton is still refusing to answer questions from the press, Ramadi falls to ISIS, and things just aren’t going well for the Democrats right now, fear not. The press steps in with its usual “The GOP is doomed” headlines.

We begin on May 16th with the Washington Post. The GOP has such a big field of candidates, party leaders are “anxious about their chances in ’16.” That’s the actual title. It seems having such a deep field is a bad thing, unlike last time when having such a shallow field was a bad thing.

If only the GOP would coronate one candidate, just like the Democrats.

Keeping up the theme, the New York Times on the same day, claimed the GOP was baiting the left to turn on Hillary. The Democrats, you see, are so united for Hillary that the GOP is forced to spend money to try to drum up a primary for Hillary Clinton.

Slate rushed in with some back patting for the Democrats. Turns out ISIS’s leader is just like a Republican candidate for President. Fear not Democrats, they’re all just an easily beaten fringe.

The Atlantic chimed in yesterday that if you watch Fox News, you are stupid, dumb, and incapable of grasping reality. Fear not Democrats, the Republicans are so deluded that there is no way they can win.

And today the Politico gets in on the game. Yes, “the GOP is dying off. Literally.” That’s their headline.

The GOP will not pick up millennials, it is the party of old people, and it is just so outdated.


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