Gov. Bobby Jindal: Rand Paul Running to the Left of Clinton and Obama

May 30th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Governor Bobby Jindal said that Rand Paul’s foreign policy views run to the left of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

05-30-15_Bobby_Jindal_Rand_Paul_Unsuited_to_be_PresidentIn a new interview, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal did not back off from his statement that Rand Paul is ‘unsuited to be Commander-In-Chief’, adding that Paul’s foreign policy views run to the left of President Obama and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Jindal said that Paul’s view that Republican hawks created ISIS is “outrageous”. “If President Obama had said that, you’d hear every Republican senator and governor criticizing and condemning him for that. There shouldn’t be a double standard simply because the Senator [Paul] is a Republican.”

Jindal tap danced around the question of whether he would support Paul should he become the Republican nominee.  His disagreement with Senator Paul  on ISIS did not translate into support of President Obama’s strategy as Jindal offered his own approach to defeating the ‘Islamic State’.

Jindal would not leave any options such as ground troops ‘off the table’, and would rely more upon the advice of U.S. military commanders.  Jindal also would move to directly arm the Kurds.  He believes a greater U.S. commitment to toppling Assad in Syria would reassure our Middle East allies and give them more confidence to engage militarily with ISIS.

Jindal said proposing solutions, rather than criticizing Obama would be key to a winning GOP strategy in 2016.  He is frustrated that the new majority in the Senate has not yet resulted in the promises Republicans made to voters on amnesty, healthcare, and spending.

On renewal of the Patriot Act, Jindal believes that we need to make ‘tools available’ to U.S. security agencies that don’t employ large-scale data sweeps of all records.

Jindal was non-committal on his own 2016 intentions, saying that he wouldn’t make a decision until after the Louisiana legislative session ends in mid June.


Governor Jindal spoke with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer:



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