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Brave Women


The battle against the radical Islamic terror group ISIS has been joined by a new group of warriors eager to defeat these barbaric fighters.

It’s the brave Kurdish women who are arming themselves to defend their homes and their families. (Sarah Palin Channel)


As Governor Palin discusses, these women are true role models for women everywhere.


Brave_Women_Sarah_Palin_009“Recently CNN ran a photo essay of the female Kurdish fighters who are training to take on ISIS.”

“They’re some of the most heartwarming and encouraging pictures that I’ve seen in a long time.”




“These are strong women, picking up rifles to defend their homes and their families.”



Brave_Women_NBC_Lester_HoltIt is now well known that there is no mercy among the terrorists of ISIS, often the men in areas they overrun are viciously murdered.

But the women suffer a fate that may be worse than death. Sold into slavery, sometimes many times over to suffer unimaginable brutality. – NBC’s Lester Holt




“These brave women could easily be the most motivated troops in the Middle East.”

“In fact, it’s been reported that the jihadi’s have a special fear of the women fighters.”


Brave_Women_Sarah_Palin_008“Apparently, these radical Islamists worry that dying at the hands of women fighters might prevent them from going to their twisted idea of their heaven.”

“To that I say, let’s arm more women fighters.”


Brave_Women_Feminists“American feminists on college campuses, they seem more interested in instituting speech codes than in giving women the tools and the encouragement, the empowerment that they need to know that they’re strong enough and brave enough to do anything.”

“In America, feminists fear words.”




“In Iraq, these Kurdish women are willing to face death to defend the ones they love.”

“That’s what I call real feminism.”


“Not the left wing variety that teaches women that .. oh, they’re just so weak. They need to appeal to others to protect them, to take care of them. And the nanny state to provide for them.




“Women are not weak.”

“Just look at those Kurdish women fighters.”

“I admire them.”


“God bless ’em for fighting evil.”

“And god bless them for serving as role models for women all across the world.”



* This video was originally published on April 24th, 2015. (screencaps courtesy of the Sarah Palin Channel)


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