Gov. Sarah Palin • Gun Free Doesn’t Equal Crime Free

Gun Free Doesn’t Equal Crime Free




Despite what Second Amendment critics might tell you, criminals don’t care about checking their weapons when they enter a gun-free zone. That puts lawful Americans at risk. The consequences are all too real, as Governor Palin points out. (Sarah Palin Channel)





“Do liberals believe that threats to personal safety should just disappear once a student steps onto a college campus?”


Gun_Free_Zones_Sign“Consider these gun-free zones.”

“A gun-free zone is not a crime-free zone.”

“In fact, a gun-free zone is an invitation to crime.”




“And this puts too many young women at risk, as assaults against young women on college campuses seems to be on the rise.”


Gun_Free_Zones_Amanda_Collins“Let me put a face to this tragedy.”

“There is a young college student in Reno, Nevada.”

“Her name is Amanda Collins.”


Gun_Free_Zones_Sarah_Palin_03“She had a valid concealed carry permit, but wasn’t allowed to bring her gun on campus.”

“Well, Amanda was raped by a man who illegally had a firearm on campus.”




“Rapists don’t mind violating gun-free zone restrictions.”

“They ignore those signs.”


Gun_Free_Zones_Sarah_Palin_07“Amanda was less than fifty feet away from the campus police when her attacker approached.”

“This guy put a gun to her head.”

“He took the safety off and said that he’d kill her if she screamed.”




“The man went on to rape two more women.”

“The man killed his third victim.”




“Tell me anti 2nd amendment people …”

“Why did you leave Amanda and those other woman defenseless?”



**  This video was originally published on May 8th, 2015.  Screen caps courtesy of The Sarah Palin Channel.

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