Gov. Sarah Palin On The 2016 GOP Presidential Field

Governor Palin shares some thoughts on the 2016 Republican presidential field.  She spoke with Extra TV at the SEAL-NWS event last weekend.

Full Transcript of her remarks available after the video:

Begin Transcript

Extra TV: I know it’s a long way off, but I gotta ask you. There’s a lot of people already put their name in for the presidential race, is there anyone that sticks out to you right now?

Gov. Palin: Well I’m very thankful that common sense conservatives who love our constitution and love our military, that the bench is pretty deep. I’m thankful for that.

Don’t be surprised though if you see a few more names .. on the constitutional conservative side of things jump in also and offer themselves up in the name of service

I think every single one so far, plus more, will be able to give Hillary a run for their money. Because now more than ever is the time to do this not for self, but for country. To be willing to serve, to sacrifice, to do all that they can to put themselves forward. Doing whatever they can to defend our freedom. And defend, promote, adhere to the constitution. There’s going to be quite a few folks that fit that bill.

Extra TV: And how about you?

Gov. Palin: Well we’ll see what happens .. Todd? [looks toward Todd], in the next year or so. We’ll see. Thus far I’m happy that there are those who are willing to step forth, cause man .. it’s a huge commitment .. isn’t it Todd? [again looks toward Todd], with family, with time, with resources. So, just thankful that so far there’s some good folks out there.

End Transcript


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