John Hinderaker | Democrats Raise Money By Lying About the Climate

John Hinderaker, Power Line:

I suppose it was Earth Day that prompted a mass email on climate from the Democratic Party. What is striking about the Democrats’ fundraising pitch is its mendacity. Here it is, in pieces:


I wrote a long post on the falsity of this claim here: “Was 2014 Really the Warmest Year Ever?” The key point is that “on record” means since 1880, i.e., roughly the end of the Little Ice Age. Satellite data, the only transparent and uncorrupted temperature record, indicates that 2014 was either the third or sixth warmest year since 1979 (when satellite data begin), but the differences are negligible.

More importantly, we are living in a relatively cool era. Ice core data indicate that it is cooler now than it has been around 90% of the time since the end of the last Ice Age:


So 2014 was anything but the warmest year on record. The Democrats continue:


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