NewsBusters Skewers WAPO For Boosting Sarah Palin ‘Radical White’ Twitter Attack

Thanks to Newsbusters for taking the Washington Post to the woodshed over this.

On Tuesday, Washington Post’s Janell Ross spotlighted a Twitter post attacking Sarah Palin, as she forwarded the left’s narrative about a supposed double standard between coverage of black violence and the recent shootings involving biker gangs in Waco, Texas. The Tweet included a photo of Palin at the 2011 Rolling Thunder event in Washington, DC, which honors America’s fallen members of the military, and bemoaned how “radical white politicians coddle these thugs.” Washington Post’s Twitter account included the picture when they promoted Ross’s item.


The Washington Post reporter then referenced the Tweet attacking Sarah Palin, as she highlighted left-wing Twitter users who zeroed in on the apparent race factor in the media coverage of the Waco mass shooting.


The only problem with the left’s narrative: the biker gangs who were involved in the bloodbath are not exclusively white. On Tuesday, Time magazine released a composite image of many of the mugshots of the suspects arrested in the shootings, and several of the suspects are African American or Hispanic.

It should also be pointed out that Ross and the Washington Post (not to leave out the original Twitter poster) are unfairly grouping the thousands of participants of the annual Rolling Thunder event – many, if not most of whom are not members of biker gangs – with the perpetrators of the Sunday violence in Texas.

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