SarahPAC Remains ‘Committed to Supporting the Grassroots’

Governor Palin’s Political Action Committee has undoubtedly made some impressive strides.  With our help, they’ve helped many great conservatives get elected to the House and Senate.  Is it any wonder why this single PAC gets the most attention from those most threatened among the permanent political class and their buddies in the mainstream media?

I was thrilled when I read the PAC’s latest message which promises to keep their commitment of helping the grassroots headed into 2016:


This election will not be won by the liberal special interests. It will be won in the grassroots, it will be won by the American people who demand an end to the liberal hypocrisy!

SarahPAC is committed to supporting the grassroots and conservative candidates who stand for small government and the Constitution. We can’t afford any more gun grabbing, taxing hiking, amnesty supporting liberals running our country anymore!

With the support of the grassroots, SarahPAC can make what seems impossible, possible. We did the impossible in Iowa, we stood with Joni Ernst and helped her secure a senate seat no one thought she would win!

We plan to do the same next year. With your continued support, SarahPAC will lead the fight in helping strong conservative candidates who will stand up to the liberal Obama-Clinton agenda win in November 2016. We need your help to make this happen. Please follow this link to contribute whatever you can generously afford to our 2016 Conservative Victory Fund:

For a conservative victory we need the support of the grassroots, we need the support of Americans like yourself. With your donation of just $15 we can send our strong conservative message to over 1,000 people!

This next election will be a referendum on the future of America, but we are not afraid, we have the aid of the grassroots and people like yourself. The Clinton-Obama liberals plan to spend over $1 billion to buy back the White House and we MUST do whatever it takes to stop them.

So are you with us? Chip-in to our 2016 Conservative Victory Fund and let’s wreck this big money liberal election machine.




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