Sen. Bob Corker: Americans Should Be Less Worried About Privacy

Senator Bob Corker is looking to the NSA to ramp up domestic surveillance saying that “the American public should be less worried about privacy and should back increased collection as a means of foiling terrorist attacks.”

I beg to differ.

The NSA has been collecting data for years, compromising our privacy in more ways than one.  Nevertheless, we still had countless attacks on our own soil since the Obama administration came into existence.  The spying on Americans to protect us isn’t working.  Further, it doesn’t make sense.

By taking away our right to privacy, our government officials are giving the terrorists exactly what they want.  Terrorists hate our way of life.  They hate us.  They hate our ability to coexist with one another despite political ideology, religion, race, sexual preference, etc.

To say we have too much privacy as Americans is the same as saying we have privacy to spare.  Who decides how much privacy is too much?  And if that’s the case, who decides how much money is too much?  Who decides how much self protection is too much where our Second Amendment rights are concerned?

As Americans who enjoy liberty and freedom, we inherit the risk.  A mall could be the target of a terrorist attack or shooting, but we still go.  I could be subject to a drive through shooting at my local Dunkin Donuts, but I am still getting my lattes during one of my many daily visits.

When the IRA bombed the hotel in Brighton during the conservative conference back in the 80’s, many expected Margaret Thatcher to close the conference down.  To their dismay, Leader Thatcher insisted that business go on as usual using the opportunity to let terrorists know that their attempts to disrupt the way of life of a free and open society will always fail.

The problem is not that we aren’t spied on enough.  The problem continues to be this administration’s response to terrorist attacks, tiptoeing around the obvious savagery and working their hardest to lay the blame at the doorstep of America and Christians living within our borders.  Again, this is no different than telling the innocent majority of America to engage in “soul searching” every time a thug destroys someone’s property during an alleged peaceful protest.  This president who has his eye so far off the ball, enabled by GOP legislators who refuse to fight, has failed to protect us.  Instead of dealing with these savages accordingly, political correctness worries that someone won’t read them their rights.

I wrote a piece similar to this back in August of 2013 in response to Dan Coats saying pretty much the same thing.

Here’s a great video from Julie Borowski on the topic as well:

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