Wall Street Journal | Of Christie and Clinton

Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal:

A federal prosecutor handed up indictments Friday in New Jersey’s bridge-closure scandal after a 16-month probe. Gov. Chris Christie wasn’t implicated, but the investigation has damaged his political standing. Many pundits say the bridge closure by aides to punish a political opponent should disqualify Mr. Christie from running for President, though there’s no evidence he knew what his aides were doing.

Voters can make up their own mind, but this also raises the ripe question of disparate political treatment. Specifically, is anyone at Justice or the FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton for accepting foreign donations while she was Secretary of State? The risk of quid-pro-quo corruption involving U.S. foreign policy would seem to be at least as important as commuter inconvenience at the George Washington Bridge.

Start with Canadian mining executives and business partners, Ian Telfer and Frank Giustra, who donated millions to the Clinton Foundation in the years leading up to, and during, a government review of a uranium mine deal in which Mr. Telfer’s company stood to benefit. Mrs. Clinton was one of several government officials on a committee that approved the sale of the mines to the Russians.


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