Weekly Standard Succumbs to Liberal Rhetoric on Governor Palin

In what appears to be an attempt to defend Carly Fiorina, The Weekly Standard apparently believes that its smarter politics to eat their own (on the basis of outdated and definitely weakened narratives) instead of staying on offense against the left which could have been easily accomplished.

As Carly Fiorina officially enters the GOP’s presidential lineup, the lamestream media is already comparing her to Governor Palin. As you may recall, they did the same thing with Michele Bachmann in 2012.  And sadly, we have Republican writers ready to fall for their trick in their efforts to get Republicans back into defense mode by bashing someone like Governor Palin.

To liberals who dangle these carrots in front of Republicans, all women are the same if they’re conservative. If you’re a strong influential conservative female, a liberal would like all to believe that somehow this means you’re lacking either in capability, intelligence, or merit.

The obvious response to such nonsense is to use the opportunity to stay on offense. One way to do that is by displaying the differences between their side and ours where candidates (not just women) are concerned.

For example: I happen to know that not one liberal can tell me exactly what Hillary Clinton did while serving in public office that made our lives better. Believe me, I’ve asked. What we get are the usual generic answers:

  • “She was a senator.”
  • “She was Secretary of State.”

Okay, but what did she do while holding those titles?

It’s a very different discussion when Governor Palin comes up.  And it’s so easy when facts are on your side.

Yes, she was a mayor (not just a community organizer) as well as an active and engaged governor (not just a part time junior senator).

While holding her titles, Palin did the following:

  • Cut taxes
  • Balanced Budgets
  • Cut spending
  • Took on crony capitalism
  • Reformed energy policy
  • Stomped out corruption
  • Overhauled education
  • Increased Alaska’s credit rating

The list goes on and on.  Anyone can read the specifics of her incredible accomplishments here. As a result of her service, she received the highest approval rating of any governor in the country and directly made the lives of those she served much better. Can someone deliver such a results-driven resume on Hillary?

Additionally, Carly Fiorina headed a Fortune 500 company and remained in charge of Hewlett-Packard during a very challenging time (dot-com bubble) and oversaw a huge merge with Compaq that turned out to be successful.  While the executive experience is different, it’s certainly an asset.

Governor Palin ran a state successfully (probably better than any other Governor The Weekly Standard can come up with) and Carly Fiorina ran a Fortune 500 company. Contrast either women to Hillary Clinton whose most notable executive action thus far has been the prompt deletion of thousands upon thousands of emails which all took place during her time as Secretary of State (which most deem suspicious considering their timing and correlation with hefty donations made to the Clinton Foundation) and I think you have the obvious response to left wing writers who bitterly cling to their hate of Governor Palin along with the difference she’s made since coming onto the national scene in 2008.

Nah, the smart guys at The Weekly Standard believe it’s better to portray Palin as a “half term Governor” (just like the lefties do) without explaining how selfless but necessary it was for her to give up that position of power (explained best by Ted Nugent here) and to demean her contribution to the GOP and conservatives by calling her a “television star.”

He even goes on to suggest that Governor Palin is not articulate (I beg to differ) and compares Fiorina’s educational accomplishments to Governor Palin’s.

In doing so, he doesn’t seem to understand how he empowers the left. What does he say now when the left reminds him that Carly Fiorina asked Governor Palin for her support in 2010? Was that the “accomplished” Fiorina who asked or was it the “philosophy graduate?”  His weak and nonsensical attempt to defend Fiorina will make it harder for Republicans as a whole in the future when other candidates are on the receiving end of being compared to other people on the ridiculous basis of sex (or race, which I guarantee will happen to Ben Carson).

And what will he do now when the left notes Mike Huckabee’s former “television star” status after he hosted a show on FOX News for a number of years?

With Republicans like this “helping” our cause in 2016, who needs the lapdog media anymore?

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