Gov. Bobby Jindal Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

June 25th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Governor Bobby Jindal joined a dozen other Republicans now officially in the race for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Citing his record of spending cuts and reforms in Louisiana, Jindal promised to bring that same approach to Washington D.C.

Vowing to go where other politicians “will not go”, Jindal called for lowering the national debt, reforming Social Security and Medicare, and repealing ObamaCare.  Jindal said that, “today’s Republican party in Washington D.C. has been beaten into submission.”  “The emperor’s in Washington, they’re not wearing any clothes.  In case it’s not clear by now, I am running for president without permission from headquarters in Washington D.C.”  Jindal said that he is, “tan, rested, and ready for this fight.”

Jindal said that on matters of religious faith, he would “not be silenced to meet their expectations of political correctness.”  “You can be both intellectual and Christian … both smart and conservative”, he said.  “There’s a big country out here with millions of Americans who believe in God and are not ashamed to say so”, he added.  “Religious liberty is not some quaint notion from the past.  It is fundamental to our freedom.” … “America did not create religious liberty.  Religious liberty created the United States of America.”

“Republicans must stop being afraid to lose”, Jindal said taking particular aim at Jeb Bush, criticizing him for believing that a GOP candidate has to be “willing to lose the primary in order to win the general election.”  “We’re gonna help him do that”, Jindal said with a smile to a pleased crowd.  “What Jeb Bush is saying is that we need to hide our conservative ideals .. If we go down that road again, we will lose again.”

Watch Jindal’s full announcement remarks:

Jindal appeared later that day on Hannity to talk about his announcement:

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