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Governor Palin posted about the new film, “McFarland, USA”:


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If you need some spirit-lifting all-American true story telling, watch the great new movie “McFarland, USA”! Granted, my favorite movies are sports related (it’s all about the underdog, the unconventional, the character revealed in overcomers), and I found this one on an Alaskan redeye flight to be one of the best. Rarely do I want to sit long enough to watch a movie (though I could recline for days with a good book – in the sun, toes in the sand – that’d be my heaven on earth!), but I’m thankful Disney made this one.

Perhaps this cross-country themed film resonated because sweat is my sanity. I’ve been a (slow, dogged) distance runner for more miles than my enduring knees owe me. I’m not good, but I know the guts it takes to run. Additionally, attribute my enthusiasm here to personal connectivity to the inspiring film because every day I get to witness the positive influence my dad, Coach Heath, has had on his students and athletes. Without a doubt the life lessons Dad taught on the court, the field, and in the classroom changed lives for the better. Filmmakers and the actor Kevin Costner grandly captured the same in McFarland’s Coach White. White and his teams’ stories exemplify what coaching with integrity is all about.

You don’t have to be a sweat-obsessed sports nut to love this movie. It’s all good with virtuous tenacity woven through a plot that’s applicable to all our lives. Loved it! Makes me want to run.

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