Gov. Sarah Palin • “Clinton Cash” Scandals Keep Piling Up

Governor Palin comments on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation scandals:


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These “Clinton Cash” scandals keep piling up; they illustrate the insiders’ skewed priorities and disrespect for our great nation. America, these are ultimately YOUR tax dollars at work!

So, let me get this straight: we borrow money from foreign countries to give to foreign countries, while America falls apart and we go broke. Meanwhile, politicians continually waste your hard earned money and get rich off their access to power. They’re vultures, but remain oh-so-esteemed. Wake up, America. This is a dangerous game they play while ignoring the nation’s real needs for security. Take for example the $165 billion in American arms sales to authoritarian regimes that turned around and donated a ton of cash to the Clintons. (And these weapons often end up in the enemy’s hands because our weak administration doesn’t require accountability. Fast and Furious, anyone?) Or consider the $145 million the Clintons bagged from investors as Hillary’s State Department committed one-fifth of our nation’s entire uranium production to them! Our own uranium sold to characters who’d potentially enrich it… leading to nukes… leading to the good guys’ destruction.

C’mon, voters. How does any of this serve our country? It’s as pointless as nation building in unfriendly foreign lands. It’s as dangerous as lying about terrorist armies who seek to destroy us as being mere bench warmers, instead of just letting our military do its job and blow the bad guys straight to hell.

We only have ourselves to blame if they – the politicians who work for us – are rewarded with time to do more damage. Only the insane would bless their repeated destructive incompetence and greed.

Thank you, Peter Schweitzer and team, for showing us how the fat cats roll.

Sarah Palin


The Governor shared this link from Breitbart for supporters to read: 21 New ‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations That Have Imperiled Hillary Clinton’s Campaign


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