Gov. Sarah Palin • Saturday Night Live Skit: “Hilarious”

Governor Palin found a recent Saturday Night Live skit to be “Hilarious”:


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This is hilarious! – Sarah Palin…/snl-pokes-fun-at-90s-game-shows-a…/


The Governor shared a link to Bristol’s blog: SNL Pokes Fun at 90s Game Shows and Fears of Drawing Muhammad


Did you see this skit on Saturday Night Live? It’s pretty funny.

Two teams are playing a game-show version of Pictionary and have to make their teams guess what they’re drawing. When the second team gets the prompt, “The Prophet Muhammad,” the reaction is priceless.

In all the humor, it does point out an important problem: No one should fear for their life just because of something they draw! (Bristol Palin)



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