Gov. Sarah Palin: GOP Offers Voters Strength and Diversity for 2016

“Encouraging to see the strength and diversity the GOP has to offer voters as the 2016 race continues to unfold.” – Governor Sarah Palin


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Encouraging to see the strength and diversity the GOP has to offer voters as the 2016 race continues to unfold. Unlike the coronation on the left, conservatives can head towards a positive, healthy democratic (small d!) debate on how best to restore America to the beautiful and bold dream our Founders set forth.

It was encouraging today to hear Governor Jeb Bush speak directly to an issue that touches so many lives in these challenging times, both culturally and fiscally – raising a child with special needs. Nearly one quarter of American families live with special children that have greater challenges than some people will ever understand. These families need an advocate in a government that insists it can set our nation’s priorities, especially given the disastrous implications of Obamacare on the special needs community. As was said today, these children are truly a blessing and they can teach us more than we can ever teach them. Some days it’s admittedly tough to understand all God’s purposes, but it helps when those we chose as leaders have a heart for those less fortunate. I’m glad Jeb’s life was touched by God’s purpose-filled children, and hope he continues with a positive message of inclusion, empowerment and specifics as how we can best advocate for families who would never expect government to do it all, but would like to count on government being on their side.

This campaign is just getting underway with many good candidates, and many more to come. Let’s keep our hearts open, but our eyes and ears too! May the best man, or woman, win! See you on the trail!

Sarah Palin

PS – you can read more about the impacts of Obamacare on special needs families here:…/obamacare-hurts-parents-of-specia…/

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Obamacare hurts parents of special-needs children

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