Governor Palin: Girls ‘Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Government to Succeed!’

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Via Facebook:

Hey Girls! You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Government to Succeed!

This week in Hillary Clinton’s true hometown of Chicago, 175 young women from across America (including Alaska!) are studying tools and techniques to spread an empowering, genuine feminist message back on their college campuses this fall. This gives us hope for America! The girls are going rogue!

The scholars’ message will include self-reliance, equality, and our time tested “inalienable rights” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now let’s be clear – these aren’t your mother’s feminists. The motto here is “women don’t need government to succeed.” Right on! I admire them embracing one of the most politically incorrect positions the Leftist PC Police goes ballistic over – the truth that God has equipped women to be capable and courageous enough to make it without Big Daddy government enslaving us under its freedom-killing control.

The summit is organized by Turning Point USA. It recognizes collegiate women leaders on campus as vanguards of commonsense conservative activism. This is no surprise for anyone who’s witnessed the Mama Grizzly phenomenon! The empowering truth that “women don’t need government to succeed” reminds our next generation that they don’t need “big brother” for success, any more than they need a man for fulfillment, any more than a fish needs a bicycle. THAT’S the message of genuine feminism, and I’m heartened to see conservatives return to our roots and live it. Ladies, 2016 is time to put the heels on and take the gloves off! Best wishes on a successful summit!

Sarah Palin

Here’s Turning Point USA’s website to learn more. SarahPAC is proud to help sponsor!



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