“It’s Not A Woman’s Right To Choose” #ProLife

Since nobody else will say it, I will. It’s not a “woman’s right to choose”. An unborn baby is just that – an unborn baby. It isn’t a “clump of cells”, a “zygote”, or any of the other derogatory words the Democrats use to mislead women. American women who are pregnant carry a living citizen of the United States inside of them. A baby is not part of a woman’s body, a baby is a body in and of itself. When the Democrats try to convince women that “women have rights over their own bodies” they are doing a great disservice to the intelligence of all women.

Even the stupid people should be able to understand that a baby is a baby. A woman who finds herself with an unexpected pregnancy needs to understand that it is her duty to protect the unborn baby’s rights. The unborn baby is a citizen of The United States. The unborn baby should be protected by The Bill of Rights. At the very least, the unborn American citizen should be protected by it’s own mother. This isn’t hard to understand.

Thank you Bristol Palin for reminding women that they must protect their unborn child’s inherent rights. I know a lot of people were surprised, some even dismayed by Bristol’s announcement the other day. But there is always a silver lining. As Julie Andrews says in The Sound of Music, “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window“. The core point of Bristol’s less than ideal situation is that Bristol understands that a baby is a baby, therefore she will choose life and not have an abortion.

Thank you Bristol for your courage. Thank you God for choosing Bristol to be an example for all Americans. Congratulations, America needs another Palin!

Bristol Palin AGU proper

Check out Bristol Palin’s recent comments about her new little blessing HERE.

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