Niall Stanage | Is it possible to win if more than half the electorate thinks you’re dishonest?

Niall Stanage, The Hill:

“We’re about 30 to 60 days away from real nervousness, if not panic, in the Democratic establishment,” said one strategist who declined to be named, citing a fear of retribution by Clinton loyalists.

The strategist argued that Clinton’s campaign has consistently underestimated the damage that has been wreaked by negative stories about donations to the Clinton Foundation and the former secretary’s use of a private email account while at State.

“There is this attitude that this is something that the media or the right-wing are fixated on, and they are missing the bigger dynamic here,” the strategist said of the Clinton campaign. “The bottom line here is that there is this pervasive belief that the story is going to go away and they can mitigate this with silence. And it ain’t working.”

The Clinton campaign contends that the candidate’s low numbers are symptomatic of a general distrust of political figures. Campaign officials believe the higher ratings Clinton enjoyed at the State Department were bound to slide as she returned to partisan politics.

Further, they assert that her policies will, over time, foster a different, more important kind of trust among voters.

Observers who follow every political twist and turn might imagine that opinions of Clinton would be hard to change, for good or bad, given that she has now been a top player on the national political stage for a quarter-century.

The polling figures do not bear that out, however.


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