SCHMITZ: Gay Agenda Now Celebration of Sodomy, Not Tolerance

by Ron Devito, Publisher, US for Palin


“Gay millennials are tired of the labels and the boxes,” Thomas Schmitz, Chairman of the Board, American Grizzlies said in an interview with Gina Loudon, Ph.D. on her show youtoo America. “Gay millennials are ready to assimilate. We’re all Americans,” Schmitz said. He said Rev. Franklin Graham’s boycott of Wells Fargo over an ad featuring deaf lesbians adopting a deaf girl is “necessary,” because Wells Fargo is engaging in Balkanizing identity politics.

He said if Wells Fargo truly desires to be inclusive they should include Christians in their demographics planning since there are far more Christians in the nation than LGBTs. Schmitz said “we should not allow this tiny, tiny group, which is like 2% of the country to kind of shove down people’s throats this homosexual agenda that has moved from mere tolerance to an actual full celebration of sodomy that is demanded under current LGBT leadership.”

He said the LGBT lobby has taken fairy tales where the handsome prince ends up with the beautiful princess and changed it so the handsome prince ends up with another handsome prince – “because kids deserve stories that represents the full spectrum of human love and experimentation.”

Schmitz said, “that’s crap, and I don’t think we should kowtow to the 2%” when the majority of Americans are not hungry for “gay this and gay that.”

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