Gov. Sarah Palin on the Namby Pamby, Milquetoast GOP

July 31st, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Governor Sarah Palin had admonishing words for a Republican party unresponsive to it’s constituency, calling to “change from the top down those who are calling the shots.”

Sarah Palin was invited by conservative radio host Mark Levin to share her thoughts on the current state of the GOP.

Agreeing that this large field contained several good candidates, Palin spoke of Donald Trump, saying “He’s speaking truth, he’s talking about the issues that people need to hear about, and he’s saying things that the average American would love to be able to say.”  She also had appreciative words for Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.

Palin seemed thoroughly disappointed with the Republican party and it’s leadership.  “Here we win back the Senate.  We send them to go do a job. And then nothing changes.”  Referring to an electorate that gave the GOP control to put America back on track, Palin said they have blown the opportunity that voters gave them.  “In the real world, in the private sector, in business, you can’t get away with that.  You get canned.”

Calling the GOP a “namby pampy, go along to get along milquetoast type Republican party”, Palin called for a change in leadership, “How else will we change what’s going on in that agenda within the Republican party unless we change from the top down those who are calling the shots.”

About her own political future Levin asked, “Would you ever consider running for office again? Whether it’s the Senate, whether it’s Governor, whether it’s President .. is that something you flirt with now and then? Or .. you’re done with it?”  Without providing any time frame, Palin answered “Oh, absolutely.  Yes absolutely.  I certainly love my freedom right now, oh my goodness it’s just heavenly .. But yes, certainly I would not be opposed to running for office at some point.”

For now, the Governor appears focused on trying “to get good candidates all across the nation elected.”  Palin emphasized that her PAC will continue to search for underdog candidates that aren’t “on anyone’s radar screen” and giving them a boost.



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