James Taranto | Mrs. Clinton’s slide in the polls continues

James Taranto, Wall Street Journal:

If Hillary Clinton weren’t inevitable, one might begin to wonder if she’s really going to be the next president. A new Quinnipiac poll finds Mrs. Clinton “in trouble” in three swing states: Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. In each of them, she trails all three of the top candidates for the Republican nomination.

In Colorado, Mrs. Clinton trails Jeb Bush 41% to 36%, Scott Walker 47% to 38% and Marco Rubio 46% to 38%. In Iowa she’s behind Bush 42% to 36%, Walker 45% to 37% and Rubio 44% to 36%. In Virginia Bush leads 42% to 39%, Walker 43% to 40% and Rubio 43% to 41%. (The balance of the respondents say “someone else,” “wouldn’t vote,” “don’t know” or nothing at all.)

To the extent that one can take swing-state polls as a proxy for national sentiment, these numbers suggest Mrs. Clinton has gone downhill since she officially launched her campaign in April. An earlier Quinnipiac poll, announced March 31 and noted here April 1, found her leading in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania in all match-ups tested except two: She trailed Bush 45% to 42% in Florida and Rand Paul 45% to 44% in Pennsylvania. (This time Paul, along with Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, wasn’t tested against Mrs. Clinton.)

Of course that extent is limited; not all swing states are alike. In the current poll, Mrs. Clinton does notably better in Virginia than in Colorado or Iowa; and one might quarrel with Pennsylvania’s inclusion in the March poll, seeing as how it hasn’t swung Republican in more than a quarter-century. (The other five states in the two surveys have gone for the winner in at least the past three presidential elections.)


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