Kelli Ward Launches Campaign To Unseat John McCain

July 15th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Stating that John McCain has too often disappointed conservatives, two term state senator Kelli Ward launched her campaign to unseat the Arizona incumbent.

“Arizona needs a fresh new voice in Washington”, said the Lake Havasu Republican.  “John McCain always starts to move to the right during a campaign.  He’s gonna move so far to the right” Ward told the crowd, “that he’s going to bump into my left shoulder … and I’m going to nudge him back to the left where he belongs.”

“Thirty years in Washington have changed Senator McCain”, Ward suggested.  “Senator McCain’s service to our country deserves our respect” she said, “but like many career politicians, John McCain has dug in.  He’s entrenched himself in the beltway.”  Ward said McCain has lost sight of what is important to Arizona, as she implored the crowd to seek change.


“As a state Senator, I fought endless spending, I’ve worked to reform welfare and I said no, no to higher taxes and bloated budgets even when it wasn’t popular,” she said.

She also focused on the importance of securing the border, taking care of military veterans and securing liberty and freedom for the children of America.

She took it to Sen. John McCain on the difference between words and actions saying: “He always manages to be a part of the problem by keeping business as usual in the beltway. And definitely one thing he does not want to see change, leaving the Senate.”

“We need someone new. We need a strong conservative voice. We need somebody who’s energetic and fully charged and ready to go,” Ward said, adding: “You deserve more than broken promises and Washington speak. Together we can remake Washington into something that’s working for you. Something that stays out of your way. Something that you don’t have to fight against every single day.”

07-15-15_Kelli_Ward_announcemnt_screenshot“Changing Washington starts with you. It starts with you. Join me and thousands of your fellow Arizonans to send a fresh new voice to the U.S. Senate. I am Kelli Ward and I am running for the United States Senate. Join me!” (Breitbart)

Senator Ward also released an official campaign announcement video:


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