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Happy 4th of July. Here is some recommended reading for your holiday.


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~!~ Happy Independence Day To All ~!~

Gov. Sarah Palin • Happy Fourth Of July

Mama Grizzly Radio: ISIS Gaining Strength!

Gov. Sarah Palin: Have A Wonderful & Safe Fourth of July

The Great American Melting Pot

Damon Root | The Kelo Debacle Turns 10

Video: Americans not sure what we’re celebrating today

Thomas Sowell | Hillary and History

Vox | American independence from the British Empire was a mistake or something

Dan Hannan | Shakespeare and the decline of America

Scott Rasmussen | Freedom First!

Sean Davis | George Takei should stop gaysplaining black history to Clarence Thomas

Andy Puzder | More work, less welfare

Oregon silences, fines bakers who refused to make cake for lesbian couple

John Nolte | Only Difference Between Dylann Roof and Bill Ayers Is Legitimacy Among the Left

Jimmy Carter: Yep, US prestige and respect abroad has declined in the Age of Obama

L. Gordon Crovitz | ObamaNet corruption has already begun

Charles Gasparino | Jeb Bush’s Big Lehman Brothers Problem

John Lott | Gun-free zones an easy target for killers

Obamanomics: Labor participation falls to lowest level in 38 years

Daniel Webster | Who’s up for some more gun control?

Obama latest brilliance: Free raises for everyone by government decree

Delusional: Chuck Todd thinks he’s an impartial “referee” or something

Fawning liberals can’t reconcile their vision of Mrs. Clinton with what she actually is

The Greeks Invented Mathematics, and Now It’s Bankrupting Them

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